Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whats your book flavor?

I love to read but rarely find the time to really indulge in a good book. Joe and I recently visited a local used book store in downtown Campbell, and I was once again hooked. Joe and I's "book flavor" is drastically different but it's really fun to be pulled into a section of a bookstore that I normally would not go into myself. Joe likes to read about specific things that are interesting to him at that moment. He is usually on a mission as soon as we enter the door bee lining to section he needs knowing exactly what he wants. I on the other hand like to read books that are truly about nothing. Some people get great pleasure in reading gossip magazines and keeping track of their favorite celebrities. I enjoy that as well but I love to fiction novels about ordinary people thrown into different situations and how they handle them. 

As a child my favorite author was Judy Blume who it seems was not afraid to write about anything. When I was able to read her books I came across uncomfortable and awkward topics that I was also going through as a young adult. I immediately had to read everything she ever wrote because I could relate to her books on a personal level. I actually just learned that she now has three adult novels out... can you say exciting!

This trip to the book store was originally initiated to find Joe a couple books to read at work when its slow. Once I lost Joe I headed to the... yes... sale section. (Another guilty pleasure of mine - finding a bargain) I skimmed the eight foot tall bookshelf not really seeing anything that caught my eye. Then I started to feel guilty knowing I had books at home I had yet to crack open. Right before Joe and I were about to leave I found this...

I know the rule is not to judge a book by it's cover but is this not the cutest? In a nutshell this book is about a former child pageant star that has developed OCD in her adult life. Her character is introduced to a young mother to be and it explains further how each character helps the other in unlikely ways. (And yes I purchased this book for the bargain price of $1.99)

I am about two-thirds way through this book and I love it. My goal for myself is to read all the neglected books I have on my personal bookshelf.

With all that said what's your book flavor?

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