Friday, September 27, 2013

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

As most of you know Joe and I were able to go on a 2nd Honeymoon for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Even though we stayed at the same hotel and purchased the same all inclusive package the vacation was completely different than last time.
Taking a trip down memory lane I am sure you remember that the day after our wedding I cut my foot pretty bad and was unable to enjoy our honeymoon to the fullest. 
Before our 2nd Honeymoon I was able to keep my feet out of harms way and enjoyed all of the Caribbean activities. Here is how we filled our days in Aruba...

This is where you could find Joe and I on most days. I was able to finish three books in our week there and enjoyed every minute of it. 

While taking a break from reading and enjoying a float in the ocean I spotted a baby stingray swimming right below our feet. Being the person I am I thought it was the coolest thing ever and was so upset that I had left my underwater camera on the beach chair. Joe on the other hand was not so impressed and wanted to float away from the stingray. Of course seeing my husband not so excited and somewhat nervous made me freak and we made our way to the shore right away. 

 Joe and I also enjoyed riding two jetskis around our side of the island. Although I have to say the moments when Joe and I went in separate directions it was creepy being by myself in the middle of dark deep water. Something I am sure my mother would love to hear is that I got my jetski up to 66 MPH. :)

While we were enjoying our 2nd dinner on the island our waitress came up to us to let us know that another waitress was requesting to serve us. We were a little confused until we saw this smiling face. Diana had been our waitress on our Honeymoon and was amazing.

Balashi is Aruba's own beer that is brewed on the island. Joe loves this beer and on a whim asked the hotel if the brewery offered tours. The next day we were off to the brewery. It was by far the smallest brewery and shortest tour I have ever been on but it was enjoyable. Joe and I enjoyed and complimentary glass before heading back to the beach.

 We enjoyed a dinner at our favorite restaurant Driftwood. We were sat in the exact booth that we sat in two years ago so it seemed appropriate that I share both pictures. 

During our week long stay we enjoyed cruising around in catamaran and was able to snorkel in three different locations. One of the snorkel locations was a little much for me. I jumped into the water knowing we were snorkeling at a shipwreck and it was 55ft deep. Once in the water it was a struggle to stay in one place. The water was extremely choppy and turned out to be not much fun. 

On our final night we made reservations at the hotels restaurant on the beach. This photo was taken right in front of our table. It was an amazing dinner and we finished the night with a movie on the beach. A perfect evening to end a perfect vacation. 

Farewell Aruba... We can't wait to see you again!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Day at a Time

How is it that one day everything in life seems completely relaxed and manageable then the next day it feels as if you've run face first into a wall...

There are times in your life you need to sit back, take a huge breath, and realize how truly blessed you are. Many things are made stressful not by us but by our busy brain. Tasks can seem so much more difficult then they are in reality. 

So lets start with an update, I got a new JOB! Lets make this just a little more exciting.... I will now be working in NEW YORK CITY! It's both an amazing and stressful change. I received an accounting position at a very large law firm in the city and could not be more excited. Joe and I will be commuting together each day to the city and back via train.

I am very grateful for this opportunity because I have always wanted to work in accounting. I am currently on schedule to receive my AA in Criminal Justice this semester. From there I will be transferring to a four year school to pursue my bachelors degree in accounting. I have yet to begin my journey to receive my degree in accounting so I am threw the roof to receive this opportunity. 

So in summary I will be changing my job, commute, gym, and  basically everyday life.

Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Joe and I recently received text messages from some of our closest friends letting us know they had a strong feeling I was with child. That same day I received a card from one of my best friends asking me to move home and have babies ASAP. I took this as a sign and took a test right away. well.....

I am NOT with child...

but what do these signs mean? I am one who believes in signs just as my mother and I always see a pair of birds and believe it to be my god parents watching over us. With that said do you think this was a coincidence of a sign of some sort?