Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Only two days left of work (not counting today of course) and I am actually feeling really excited. All the stress and panic has surprisingly worn off… thank goodness! We have been packing all week and we will continue to do so throughout the weekend. I hate the actual packing process because I always feel as if I am going to miss something. On the other hand it is an amazing feeling to separate what you need and don’t need anymore. I go through phases in my life when I think I am a pack rat and can not seem to get rid of anything but when my stuff inventory reaches the “panic” stage I want to toss everything in sight! It’s going to feel awesome when we get to unpack and organize our things into our new home.

Once this Friday hits I think that’s when the emotions are really going to hit hard. Leaving my job and co-workers that I have been with for over four years is just the first step in the final days. This weekend we will be celebrating my BIG 2-6 and it could not be more of a bitter-sweet feeling. I simply can not wait to run around with everyone this weekend but knowing it will be our last full day with them might put a damper on things.

Our Big Apple Plans:
We have arranged to stay in an extended stay hotel for the first week to take the pressure off of having to house hunt as soon as we land. We have every intention of resting the entire first day because we have to be up at 3am the night before to get to the airport on time. The day after we arrive we have multiple appointments with landlords and leasing agents as we try to find the best place for us. I already have a favorite so please keep your fingers crossed! Stay tuned moving day is coming quick…

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