Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shower Time

This may seem to be too intimate of a subject to blog about but I assure you this post is rated G. ;) This morning was the first morning Joe and I were able to shower in our new place... now I have already shared with you how excited I am to have a jacuzzi tub but little did I know I would love the shower just as much. As you can see below our shower has two shower heads:
So I thought big deal you can shower on either side of the tub... okay... kind of cool! To my surprise this is what happened when I switched the water from bath to shower:
Me being me I had to call Joe into the bathroom make sure this is what it was supposed to do. Joe gave me the okay and I proceeded to have the best shower of my life! New York has once again opened my eyes and now I am going to insist on having two shower heads for the rest of my life. :) Oh and here is a better shot of my brand new bathtub!
I think this is part of Joe's secret plan for me to fall in love in NY... it's working!

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