Saturday, May 26, 2012

My 26th Birthday

My 26th Birthday was thrown in during our last weekend home. It was great to be able to celebrate my birthday at home but it was stressful to find the time. Joe was nice enough to plan a full day of birthday fun and put the packing off until the next day.

We started off attending a street fair in downtown Campbell called Boogie on the Bayou. It was a fun couple of hours but it quickly became to crowded for my taste.
 Once we left Campbell we met up at Santana Row for a couple drinks to wait for my brother to get off work.
And finally once my brother was off work the ones that had enough energy met at a local dive bar to celebrate the final hours of my birthday.
My 26th Birthday was a long day filled with amazing people. I am so happy I was able to celebrate my 26th in my home town with the people I adore. We will see how different my 27th Birthday will be!

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