Friday, May 18, 2012

Body Boycott

I noted in my earlier post that I am surprisingly feeling stress free and ready to move. Well I woke up this morning and learned that my body has other plans. I have a painful kink in my neck that expresses itself whenever I move my neck, laugh, or smile. It becomes a shooting pain that I can feel from the top of my neck down to my shoulders. I know that stress can affect your body in ways like this but I have never experienced it to this extent. 

Is my body boycotting the move?!

I thought maybe I slept different or used another pillow, but that was not the case. So is it true that I am suppressing my stress and my body is taking the brunt of it? If so, I know the cure is relaxation, heat, massage or stretching but I am really pressed for time at the moment. For the last month I have been coaching my brain for the move and telling myself everything is going to work out. I guess now I have to start coaching my body…

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