Friday, May 25, 2012

Are You Prepared?

Lets rewind to 4:30am this morning when Joe and I were standing outside in the cold hoping we were not going to loose the very little we had brought to New York with us. About 4:00am this morning we were awakened in our hotel room to the fire alarm. No one panicked, we got up started to pull on sweatshirts and put on our shoes. As we were about to evacuate the room we both paused and looked at each other. What do we bring? Me being more then half asleep I insist it's a drill and grab my cell phone before we walk out the door. In the meanwhile Joe had zipped up his backpack ready to bring it but after my comment (and the fact that he was also still half asleep) he dropped the backpack on the counter and followed me out. Fast forward ten minutes when we were waiting to be allowed back in, people begin to tell us there really was a fire. Joe and I turn white, we had left all our "important paperwork" we needed for the move in that backpack not to mention my laptop, our iPad, and my purse! The only thing we had on us was my cell phone, the rental car keys, and Joe's wallet.

This really should have been easy for us because we had only a hotel room full of belongings but when you are half asleep you never know what you will do. Do you know what you would grab? We should have least taken our paperwork and my purse so we have our ID's and important information. 

Luckily the fire in the hotel was set by a couple of teenagers seeing how fast they could put out a trash can fire with a fire extinguisher. Smart kids! We were allowed back into our hotel within 45 minutes with no damage to the building. At least now we know exactly what to do next time if we have to go through this again.

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