Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our New York Life

The last couple of days here have been fast paced and fun. Yesterday we attended a BBQ with some of Joe's fraternity brothers. I probably had more fun at this BBQ compared to other people because we were barbequing outside during a thunderstorm minus the rain! To me this was so different and so fun but I am sure it's nothing out of the ordinary here. 

Today Joe was picked up to play in a flag football game. It was fun to have some time to chit chat with the wives and girlfriends. After the game we grabbed some food at an amazing restaurant on the waterfront in Terrytown.
It was such a nice day out I was not expecting to get so much sun.... The end result:
Thank goodness it looks a lot worse then it is!

Joe and I have truly been enjoying our time here but are VERY ready to receive our things and get settled in. We have been preparing our apartment and are very anxious to move in. Cross your fingers our things will arrive soon!!! :)

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