Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stitch Fix Review - January 2014

So if your a blogger I am sure you have seen the Stitch Fix wave across all your favorite blogs. For those of you that have never heard of Stitch Fix let me explain: Stitch Fix is a professional styling service that won't break the bank (unless you want it to.) You can create an account and fill out a style profile for free. When you decide to order a "fix" they charge a $20 styling fee. They will mail you five items from up and coming designers in the price range you request. They also give you the opportunity to ask for certain items, ex: jeans, party dress, winter coat, etc. You receive these items right to your door so you can take your time to try them on a decide what you want to keep. Then you just send the items you don't want back in the prepaid envelope they provide. From there you complete a simple checkout on their website to pay for the items you decided to keep. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!  The main things that I love about this service is that they offer free shipping each way AND the $20 styling fee you pay when you order your "fix" is applied to anything you purchase from the shipment. If you keep all five items in your "fix" you receive 25% off your entire shipment. Upon checkout you are asked a million questions about each item to get a better sense of your taste/style/budget/size to improve future shipments. It is a great way to expand your style and try something new.
I cannot explain to you how fun it was to get this cute little package delivered to my office in the middle of a work day. I did hold off a couple of hours before I ripped it open.
Stitch Fix January 2014 First Peak!
Inside the box Stitch Fix includes a styling card for each clothing item.
This was my packing slip and at first look I was shocked at the total amount of the shipment. I now know that they tend to push your price range to the limit. I have sense lowered my price range for any future shipments. Side Note: One of the items listed as $106 my packing slip was actually $78 at checkout. Lets get to the fun part:

- - - 

Daniel Rainn Bilson Silk Pleat Tabsleeve Blouse - $78.00:
Anyone who knows me knows that I am bargain hunter so if I am going to buy something at retail price I have to love it. I do like this shirt but I don't love it for $78.
Verdict: Returned

LA MADE Antonio Geo Print Toggle Closure Cardigan - $78.00:
I 'd like to start off by saying this is not my style at all. As an adding bonus the pockets of this cardigan sit right on my hips so it makes me look wide... But it was comfy!
Verdict: Returned

Amour Vert Alessandro Solid Silk Henley Blouse - $116.00:
 Love the color but really $116?
 Verdict: Returned

Kut From The Kloth Izzy Brocade Floral Print Skinny Jean - $88.00:
In all the pictures above I am wearing these skinny jeans. I absolutely love these because they are different but not crazy. It's also a plus that they are the softest jeans ever!
I would have never picked these out in the store but I am in love.
Verdict: Kept!

Emperia Brennan Studded Dome Bag - $52.00: 
I was almost in love with this bag but two things were holding me back. The bag is large, has a strange shape and...
It's too similar to the bag I am currently using.
Verdict: Returned

 All in all it was a fun experience and I would do it again. Stitch Fix requests so many details about the returns and reviews of the shipments so they can compile the information and zone in on your personal style/taste/size. I have trust that the shipments will get better and better.

If your interested in checking it out: CLICK HERE

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