Monday, January 13, 2014

Holiday Travel: JetBlue Review

As most of you know I am a huge fan of Delta Airlines and try to fly with them each and every time I fly. Holiday travel can be extremely expensive and this year we were looking at having to fly into the west coast on Christmas morning to save some money. Fortunately I found reasonably priced
flight with JetBlue that would land us in San Jose (direct flight) on Christmas Eve. I've only heard good things about JetBlue so I was curious to see how the trip would unfold. (after I got past the frustration that we would not be receiving 3x the miles because we were not flying with Delta) To my shock I quickly learned that this is an airline my husband and I will be avoiding at all costs. The JetBlue terminal is extremely organized and security is a five minute ordeal. Other than that this airline left a lot to be desired. I understand that when you book cheaper airlines you lose amenities but I was not aware this airline was in that category. They provided no "food for purchase" on board but only offered snack boxes. Very strange for a 6+ hour flight. All the entertainment they offered had to be purchased and you had to watch it starting 20 minutes into the flight or it would be unavailable. All blankets, pillows, and headsets were an extra fee. (Delta provides these for free) Overall it was a decent travel experience but I felt like the airline was attempting to nickel and dime us the entire trip just to make an extra buck. So long JetBlue this couple will remain with Delta.

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