Sunday, January 26, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days: #26 - Add 50 New Amazing Recipes to My Recipe Book & #28 - Make 25 recipes out of my cookbook collection

Beef & Bean Taquitos
(Budget Bytes Cookbook by Beth Moncel)
 I have come down with a nasty cold and to cheer me up Joe picked up one of the cookbooks I have been waiting for. I follow closely and am happy to have am advanced copy of her first cookbook. When I am sick I am known to crave some pretty weird things. Tonight I had a taste for some taquitos so I headed into the kitchen. New cookbook in hand I created some pretty amazing homemade taquitos. This recipe can be a little tricky and a pain to get the taquitos to stay rolled but if you have the time and patience I urge you to give this a try.

Also, don't forget to pick the new Budget Bytes cookbook it is amazing!

#26 - Add 50 new amazing recipes to my recipe book
4% Complete
#28 - Make 25 recipes out of my cookbook collection
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  1. First of all, hope you're feeling better! Get well soon :) And secondly I've never heard of budget bytes before and I'm ALWAYS on the prowl for a new cookbook so I will definitely be giving that site a look. Thanks for sharing!