Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Years & 1st Visitor of 2014

I know I am a bit behind schedule but...

Happy 2014!

This year we had the pleasure of Joe’s brother visiting us over New Years. We spent New Year’s with some great friends and had nice quiet night in.  Joe’ brother was planning on staying for a little less than a week but the weather had other plans. The day before he was scheduled to fly out his flight got canceled with no reschedule date. He attempted to contact the airline with no luck. The airline finally contacted him 24 hours later and rescheduled him to fly out in three days. It really worked out in our favor because we got three more days to visit and just hang out. I also got my 1st ever snow day! The boys did explore the city together but because we had just gotten home I choose to opt out and let them have some male bonding time while I unpacked and got the house together.

 I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season and got to ring in the New Year with the ones they love.

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