Thursday, January 16, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

Most bloggers have started their lists in previous years but I was inspired. 
What a fun way to motivate yourself to do things you already wanted to achieve.
Here I am bringing up the rear with my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

Started Date: January 16th 2014
End Date: October 13th 2016

Married Life & Home Life
1.       Start a family
2.       Renew vows at our church so our marriage is recognized by the church
3.       Purchase a new bed and bed frame
4.       Finish decorating our apartment
5.       Purchase extra seating for living room (recliner or love seat)
6.       Go to church 20 times
7.       Purchase two new sets of blinds to match the new one
8.       Wash dishes and have a clean sink for two weeks straight
9.       Get my husband’s Family Crest made into a pendant for his necklace
10.   Give the same pendant for my brother-in-laws 25th birthday
11.   Have 10 outdoorsy dates during summer
12.   Purchase a new Bedding Set
13.   Take a romantic weekend away
14.   Get all of our paperwork organized
15.   Organize the storage closet

16.   Be debt free
17.   Pay off the Corvette (Step to complete #1)
18.   Have $20,000 liquid savings in the back
19.   Have $10,000 in my new 401K
20.   Spend any overtime income – 1/3 Cash - 1/3 Debt - 1/3 Savings – for one year
21.   Put $1,000 into savings in one month
22.   Do not purchase any clothing for three months

23.   Be up to date with my scrapbooking 2012-current
24.   Increase my book reading challenge every year
25.   Read all the books on my book shelf
26.   Add 50 new amazing recipes to my recipe book
27.   Make a cake that tastes great and looks great
28.   Make 25 recipes out of my cookbook collection
29.   Read all the Harry Potter Books
30.   Purchase a professional camera
31.   Blog at least 10 times a month for a full year
32.   Only use good quality pictures on my blog for a full year
33.   Finish Madison’s Quilt
34.   Cook Thanksgiving Day Dinner
35.   Make 3 recipes from Pinterest
36.   Create 3 DIY crafty items from Pinterest
37.   Complete outline for my book
38.   Start writing my book
39.   Make 5 new flavors of ice cream
40.   Purchase a Cast Iron Skillet
41.   Create a watermark for my photos
42.   Acquire 25+ followers on my blog/bloglovin

Adventure & Travel
43.   3rd visit to Aruba
44.   Visit 5 new cities
45.   Have a vacation somewhere new outside of the U.S.
46.   Visit home twice during summer
47.   Visit Katherine in Texas/Seattle
48.   Go on a cruise
49.   Go to the beach 5 times in NY or NJ
50.   Visit home 5 times
51.   Have 10 family members visit
52.   Have 10 friends visit
53.   Purchase 3 adventures form Groupon/Livingsocial
54.   Go camping
55.   Go snowmobiling
56.   Go to Niagara Falls
57.   Go to a Aquarium

Personal & Fitness
58.   Go to the gym 100 times
59.   Get fit and keep fit for a whole year
60.   Give up alcohol for Lent
61.   Give up chocolate for Lent
62.   Run for 60mins without stopping on the elliptical
63.   Run for 90mins without stopping on the elliptical
64.   Go to the gym three times a week for three months straight
65.   Get a new tattoo
66.   Find three new hiking trails around my house
67.   Go on a hike 20 times
68.   Juice 15 times in one month
69.   Prepare a weeks’ worth of lunches every week for a month
70.   Complete 3 fitness challenges from Pinterest

Work & Education
71.   Get into a four year school
72.   Be on track to graduate within one year
73.   Complete 2 full years at my new job
74.   Get 2 raises
75.   Change my major to Accounting
76.   Work 100 hours of overtime

Fashion & Beauty
77.   Put energy into my work outfits for one month straight
78.   Wear a dress during summer 25 times
79.   Learn 5 new hairstyles
80.   Using the new hairstyles, style your hair 20 times
81.   Keep 10 items from Stitch Fix Boxes
82.   Wear each Stitch Fix item 20 times
83.   Learn 5 new makeup techniques
84.   Use the new makeup techniques 10 times

85.   Spend a white Christmas with my family here in New York
86.   Have a garage sale
87.   Repair the Audi to 100%
88.   Buy my LV purse
89.   Use our Fondue Set
90.   Use our Pressure Cooker
91.   Use our Mini Pie Maker
92.   Use our Food Processor
93.   Send out birthday cards to family & friends for a full year
New York Living
94.   Visit the Empire State Building
95.   Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
96.   Have pizza at my Husbands favorite pizza place in Brooklyn
97.   Explore Central Park
98.   Go to the Central Park Zoo
99.   See a Broadway show
100. Go to Coney Island
101. Visit 5 other New York landmarks/attractions

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  1. Yay I love it! I'm impressed, 100 hours of overtime!? You go girl