Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Goodbye California Party

As you know Joe and I have made the very big decision to leave our life behind in California to follow our dreams in New York. We have been planning for about two months where we experienced extreme highs and lows as well as exciting surprises and little setbacks. 

This past weekend my mother threw us our going away party for her side of the family. It was amazing to get everyone together and visit before we move so far away. I could not help but feel a little odd talking to everyone about our plans, when we will be back, and how we will keep in touch. I spent most of the party floating from person to person trying to visit with everyone for as long as possible. My Grandmother even told me a couple times throughout the evening that I never sit still. 

Today I sit here reliving the day in my head I realized that even though I have been planing and preparing I have never really had the time to sit back and "live" this decision. My heart is heavy not because of our decision but because I see how our decision is effecting the ones we love in both happy and sad ways. 

My Grandmother means more then the world to me and I will never forget all her quirky phrases she tells me to prove a point.
"I have more shoes then Cater has pills."
"You spend money like a drunken Sailor."
but my favorite lesson from my Grandmother and probably the most laughable is:
"Ladies can go to a bar but they can never sit at the bar. Ladies just don't do that!"
I really hope that she will be able to come visit us in our new town because I know how much she loves to travel. I don't live with regrets but I do kick myself for not taking advantage of living so close to her. I know she is proud of Joe and I but she is probably the hardest one to leave behind... but we WILL be back before she knows it.

My mother has always been and will always be my best friend. If I ever need her I have no doubt she will be on the next plane to be by my side. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. I think I am more like my father but just because my mother is truly one of a kind and I will be proud to be half of the women she is. I can not wait to make more memories with her on the east coast!

I will forever be my Daddy's little girl and I am so thankful that we have always had such an amazing relationship. And as his girlfriend Julie says "We are nothing alike." ;) If you know my father and I you know what a lie this is! The relationship I have with my father is truly a special one. Mothers and Daughter sometimes have to learn not to love but how to get along and show their love. This was the case with my mother and I during my teenage years because we are both very strong women but I kick myself for losing those years and frustrating my mother. Unlike Mother and Daughter relationships Father and Daughter relationships seem to be the strongest they will ever be right away and never fade. My relationship with my father is special because I have and always will be his little princess. My relationship with my mother is equally special because I was older when we had that special bond and not only does it feel like a Mother Daughter relationship it has a feel of the oldest of friends that are always there.

My brother is someone I can barely think about leaving. He was the one I looked up to and wanted to be like. (Although I never told him that!) He was always there to protect me or tell me I'm being ridiculous when I needed it.  Joe and I will be back because I can't even think of having my kids living so far from their Crazy Uncle Mikie!

I can go on and on but I need save more for another night. I really can't believe how life can change. About three years ago I was a single girl that never wanted to get married but look at me now. It amazes me how you can change as a person and what you are willing to change in your life once you meet the one you love.

More crazy married life to come... stay tuned!!!

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