Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review Edition: The Louisiana Territory Truck - Sunnyvale, Ca

I am not one to really branch out and try different things for lunch and I would defiantly not be called a “foody” but I had a pleasant experience this afternoon. My co-workers and I wanted to think out of the box for lunch this afternoon. (I usually always bring my lunch) After many ideas one of my co-workers suggested The Louisiana Territory food truck that was scheduled to be at one of our neighboring buildings until 1pm. I choose to try what they call a Popcorn Shrimp PO Boy sandwich. It was amazing, served with shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes and their secret sauce in a hallowed out bread roll. The only piece of advice I would hand out with this is if you’re used to eating a smaller lunch it’s probably best to share. It doesn’t look very big but it is very filling!

This food truck not only stops at businesses in the Sunnyvale/Palo Alto area but you can find them at local street festivals. To catch the food truck please see their website below:

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