Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Changes & Little Setbacks

And married life begins ;)

Joe came to me a couple months ago and wanted to discuss a possible career change for him. I was shocked and excited at the same time. He then began to tell me that he would like continue on the path and he has started as a freshmen in college… this path consisted of law school! After many discussions and going over what must be done to have him reach this goal we decided we were going to take the leap. Not only did we decide that he was going to quit his current job within a month and begin the process of returning to school, we decided it was best for him to pick up exactly where he left off… in New York! This decision did not come easily but because my husband has always wanted to attend law school we will be packing up all of our things and moving on into the unknown. We are currently waiting for little details to come together before we can jump on a plane and go.

Life can be strange sometimes and this is no exception. While trying to make the decision to stay or go little things in my life started to give-way showing me the right decision. These little things are both good and bad but really helped me feel that we were 100% making the right decision. I know its going to be hard and I know I will have my sad moments but I will have my husband by my side and thats all that matters. I have to say I am a very proud wife!

It’s going to be a long hard road but I can not wait to experience it will my best friend.

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