Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crafty Edition: My 1st Quilt

As some people know I can be a very spur of the moment person. This was the case about a month ago when I was visiting my Dad and his girlfriend and I was flipping through one of her many quilt magazines. I came across a quilt that was themed after the very popular Richard Scarry children's books. I decided right then and there I was going to attempt to make my first quilt for my nephews upcoming third birthday. 

My dads girlfriend co-owns a very popular quilt store in Manteca, Ca (Ladybug Quilts) so not only did I have someone to teach me the ropes but I had somewhere to work where everything I needed was at my fingertips. At Ladybug Quilts they have what they call a Long Arm Machine which stitches the back and front together as well as the padding on the inside. (Remember I am a beginning quilter so I don't have much of the lingo down.) The way it does this is it stitches a design throughout the entire quilt.

My mother has always been interested in quilting as well so we decided that she would help me. Once I received all the fabric and materials my mother and I set aside two Sundays to visit the quilt store and quilt ALL DAY! Surprisingly our quilting days flew by and it really became something I enjoyed. (Keep in mind before I attempted to quilt I had never touched a sewing machine.) After two Sundays with the help of my mother and my dads girlfriend the quilt was done! Although I was not told I still had to hand-stitch the binding onto the quilt. In about three days I had the binding done and had some very sore fingertips. 

The Finished Product:

I could not be happier and more proud that not only did I attempt to quilt but I finished my project in record timing. I am excited to give this to my nephew so he can enjoy it for years to come. 

If your in the area check out my favorite quilt store :)

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