Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thoughts About Living on the East Coast

To this day some people think Joe and I are out of our minds to voluntarily live on the east coast and commute to work to NYC. Most people that are born and raised in New York or the surrounding areas count down the days to retirement when they will be moving away from the cold and snow. In my opinion if you were born and raised on the west coast seasons are a luxury. I feel extremely blessed to experience not only the famous NYC but to live some place so extremely different from where I was born. It's officially three winters later and I have to admit I still find myself staring out the window loving my view of the snow. Since moving to New York I have officially become a winter lover. This by no means means that I don't crave higher temperatures when its zero degrees out but for the most part I get excited for the cold and snow. Commuting can be strenuous and sometimes frustrating but who gets this view:

I know we won't live here forever but for the meantime I am enjoying every single thing New York has to offer.

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