Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Monthly Make-Up Bag & Jewelry Box: March


In order to help me use what I have, each month I will be selecting different products to use for the entire month. This month I chose the follow items:

The above products are just basic items I need when I do my makeup. Some of these items will not vary month to month because lets be honest I don't have more than one eyelash curler or eye cream. The products I have samples of or more than one brand I will be switching out monthly so I can try out new items, use up products, as well as purge any items or products I dislike.

The palettes I chose to use for the month of March are:

For eyeshadow I will be using the Chocolate Bar Palette and for face products I will be using the bottom half of the Everything Nice Palette.

- - - 

Jewelry is another thing that I have but neglect so I will be wearing the above all month. The necklace was our third wedding anniversary gift from the husband and the bracelet my dad and step-mom gave me for Christmas.

- - -

It feels great to finally get use of all the products and items I have but never make the effort to wear.

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