Monday, March 9, 2015

Coupon Organization

Lately, I have been getting lazy with how I keep my coupons. I am not the person to spend twenty plus hours cutting coupons and keeping a coupon binder. Nor will you ever see me in the store lugging a fifty pound binder around just so I don't forget one coupon. A lot of the past weeks I have relied on coupon bloggers. These bloggers list the best deals every week at each store and which manufacture coupons match up with those sale items. They also inform you where you can find the manufacture coupon whether it can be printed off a website or what exact newspaper insert you can clip it out of. Each week I have been spending less then five minutes putting together my plan for the shop and it's been reflecting in my savings.

Time to get organized, as you see above I had all the inserts together and labeled but had not gone through my stash recently to discard any expired coupons. After getting these organized I decided to do what I do best... excel spreadsheets! It took a while to complete but I manually entered each coupon I have on hand into my computer. Now after putting in a good half of a day to input the coupons (and clear out my DVR) I can now spend the same five minutes a week to prepare for a shop but am getting much better results!

Now when I go to grab my coupons I am no longer overwhelmed and it's much faster to find what I need and get the shop done.

- - -

1st Couponing Haul After Organizing

Looks like my hard work paid off!

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