Friday, March 13, 2015

New Favorite Nail Polish Brand?

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the above nail polish to try out. I have been hearing great things about this gel polish but never wanted to take the plunge after realizing that they were $9.99 each. Well, I am sure you can guess but I picked these up for $2.50 each using coupons. The claims of this product are that it lasts twice as long and looks twice as good. Well, I have to disagree:

One day shy of a week after I applied the polish this is what my nails looked like. Granted, I am very hard on my nails and am consistently typing at my job (as you can see from the tips) but I expected more. The finish was the same as any other nail top coats and nothing about the product really caught my attention. One strange thing that did happen was that on two of my fingers the polish started to peel off from the cuticle. It's back to OPI for this girl!

- - -

A product that I will recomend is this nail treatment:

It is a tad pricey (if you don't use coupons) but it is well worth it. As I said above I am rough on my nails but using this product and eating well helped my nails to stop peeling and grow longer and stronger.

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