Friday, June 13, 2014

3rd & 4th Visitors of 2014 were...

...Daddy & Julie!

Let's take a moment and step back a couple of months to April. I know this post is extremely late but as they say: Better Late Than Never! Dad and Julie's visit had been in the works for many months and I was able to take the whole week off to show them around New York. But first, Annapolis....

For Easter Sunday we all took a trip down to Annapolis to visit Julie's niece Jessica at the Navel Academy. During our visit we toured the campus, enjoyed many drinks together, and just enjoyed our Easter Weekend.

When we returned to New York Dad and Julie had a huge to-do list:

Broadway Show

New York Pizza


Yankee Game
...And so much more!

We very much enjoyed their visit but I think I am still exhausted! I know Julie is already making a to-do list for the next trip! 

Living in New York and working in Mahattan I tend to get wrapped up in the daily grind. Joe and I have lived here for over two years and I can't say that we have seen very much. It's nice when I get to show visitors around and experience a little more of New York myself. 
Miss and love you guys!!!

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