Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitch Fix Review February 2014

It's that time again... Stitch Fix Time!
If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix you can read my first review HERE.
Now, lets get to it:
I was excited to receive this months fix because I provided detailed feedback and a little more style information for the stylist. At first glace I was a little disappointed but decided to try everything on anyway.
The prices on this Fix were closer to my price range but still a but too expensive. I have adjusted my ideal price range on the style profile because the last Fix was insanely expensive for me. I was happy to see that they actually took that into account on this Fix.
- - -
Under Skies - Geena Chevron Print Belted Tunic - $58
Just Black - Adora Skinny Jean - $88
I fell in love with this top when I saw the print but unfortunately the fit was baggy and added to my waist line. The Jeans are AMAZING and are the perfect color to add to my wardrobe for spring.
Top Verdict : Returned
Jeans Verdict: Kept
Renee C - Taber Foldover 3/4 Sleeve Sweater - $58
The style of the sweater I really like but the fit was extremely tight in the bust and had a band on the bottom that made me look extra wide. The shoulders were also a problem because every time I moved my arms the fold would ride up.
Verdict: Returned
41Hawthorn - Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater - $58
This sweater I have seen on many different blogs. I knew this sweater was not at all my style but it was only a matter of time before it ended up in one of my Fix's.
Verdict: Returned
 41Hawthorn - Milano Twist-Front Crew Neck Knit Top - $68
 Although this top didn't add to my waist line like some of the other tops, it was far to tight. It almost felt like a swimsuit. I did request items with interesting details so I see why this was added to my Fix.
 Verdict: Returned
- - -
For this fix I kept the Just Black jeans which cost $88 and after subtracting my $20 styling fee and a $25 referral credit these jeans were only $43! So far, after receiving two Fix's I have kept two pairs of Jeans and no tops. Hopefully they can really get in touch with my style and send me some great tops. I am really starting to enjoy this service and plan on continuing to receive monthly Fix's as long as my wallet will allow.
If your interested in checking it out: CLICK HERE

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