Thursday, February 6, 2014

Social Networking

Just about everyone we know nowadays has a Facebook or Instagram. Recently a new Facebook trend has immerged - The Facebook Movie. This feature taps into your account and reports when you joined, your first moments, most liked posts, and shared photos. After creating... got me thinking about some of the social networking fads from the past couple of years.
If you have a Instagram or a Facebook you are probably familiar with hashtags. Personally, I think these things are getting a little out of control. #OMG!
I am guilty for using a hashtag or two when the timing feels right. My most popular hashtag go to is #tbt. So lets break down and provide examples for the most popular hashtags currently taking over cyber space:
#TBT = Throw Back Thursday
#MCM = Man Crush Monday
#WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday
These are just some of the weekly hashtags being used over and over and over again. ;)
What are your thoughts on hashtags? What are your favorite and least favorites?
Do you think these things are getting out of control?

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