Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Last Sunday Joe and I went to the city just the two of us to celebrate our one year anniversary. It's been a long year that has felt like a month which included some big changes. It was nice to take a evening to ourselves to reflect on this past year.

We had dinner at Fishtail by David Burke which we scored a living social deal for. We were able to enjoy a sushi plate to share, two appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts for a very reasonable price. Most of the dinner looked too good that we couldn't wait to dig in but here are a few pictures of our amazing meal.

Joe chose to have a Manhattan. (Fitting)

I chose to have a drink called "Habitual Happiness." (Very Fitting)
The hibiscus flower in the drink was a nice touch.

For my appetizer I had the calamari salad which was so good!

This was the chocolate mouse dessert that Joe and I both picked! It was so yummy!

We didn't get many pictures during dinner but we were too busy enjoying the food and our company. I did manage to get a shot of the part of the restaurant we sat in.

It was such a perfect evening we were able to enjoy dinner with the doors to the terrace open.

I know I have said this before but I am going to say it again, Joe and I have the best family and friends we could ever hope for. Here are some of the cards and gifts we received.

The first card we received was from my mother and it was the cutest card I've seen. This is what it said:

"Marriage is easy, Marriage is hard,
Marriage takes time (and a big credit card!)
Marriage is challenging, Marriage is fun,
Marriage is cuddling when each day is done...
Marriage takes patience and practice and trust,
Marriage takes two who know laughter's a must.
Marriage is magic, Marriage is dreams
And "let's-get-away-for-the-weekend" type schemes.
Marriage is simple, Marriage is tough,
Marriage takes guts when the going gets rough...
For Marriage demands all the best you can give,
And gives you life's best every day that you live."

I received this at work from our great friends Mallory and Brian! What a huge surprise that we enjoyed very much.

On an OPI side note I was able to paint my nails with a very appropriate color:
You'll have to wait and see what it looked like on till the end of the month. ;)


  1. yay! Happy Anniversary again to you both!! Amazing how fast a year flies huh? Did you guys ever get our card?

  2. Sadly, no we never got it but I'm still hoping it will turn up!!! I have all our cards on our bookshelf and there's one more spot :)