Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thank to my friend Sensibly Sassy I am addicted to!

I might be behind the times but is new to me. It is a website where you can rate books you've read, keep track of books you want to read, and let your friends know what you are currently reading. By far the best part of the website is that it recommends books that they think you might want to read based on the books you have read in the past. I also love the fact that you can find your friends and family and compare books or see what they liked or disliked about a book you are thinking of reading. I really enjoy getting book ideas from friends. (In result I have stolen probably 75% of my firends "read" books) All in all it is 100% addicting and I don't think I'll be getting anything done anytime soon... I'll be reading ;)

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  1. I'm so glad you like it!! I can sit on that site forever just reading friend's reviews, reading about new books etc.yay for reading!

  2. Kudos to your friend for introducing you to Goodreads. It's one of my favorite sites out there. Like Sarah, I could easily spend hours browsing the site looking at books, reading reviews, and popping in on a few discussions about some of the books I really enjoyed.

    Hope to see you around! :)
    C xx