Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Everything In Life Can Be Perfect

I have mentioned many times how much I love our apartment. It has a lot of space in all the right places and awesome little touches that make it more of a home than an apartment. 

We have had some issues with the upstairs neighbor but lately it has become so much worse. About a month ago Joe and I decided to make a call to our landlord to let him know we had a problem. The upstairs apartment has mostly hardwood floors and the tenant insists on walking around her apartment in heels before she leaves and after she gets home. She plays music which we mostly cannot hear except for the bass which travels directly through the floor. For the first three months Joe and I just put up with it. (But I will say we never got used to it) Last month about 10:30pm the tenant decided she was going to work out with hand weights which she dropped repeatedly. This is when we decided to make the first call to the landlord. We figured we would put up with the noise unless it interrupted our sleep. After the call was made to the landlord he generously purchased area rugs for the upstairs tenants and for the next couple of days it was quiet. 

Fast forward to this week, 3:30am Joe and I were woken up to the sound of high heels on hardwood floors. Luckily, it only lasted a couple minutes and we drifted back to sleep. 4:45am we are woken again to what sounds like someone running in place directly above our bed. The next day I made the second call to the landlord and he suggested we meet with the tenant in my apartment so she could hear what we hear.

The time came (I was not excited for this meeting) Joe was still at work when we all met in my apartment. It was my landlord, tenant, tenants young daughter(not sure why she would bring her young daughter to this meeting but okay), and me. Our landlord went upstairs to walk around to show her how much the sound travels and the entire time she was talking my ear off defending herself. When our landlord returned the show began. She explained that she never wears heels upstairs because she leaves them by the door, (false) she also has no idea what we are hearing in the morning because she is at the gym at 5:30 every morning, (false - did she forget that she parks right outside our window and see her car here every morning) she continues, there is no way we could be hearing bass from her music because she only listens to gospel, (uhhh false) and the finale was when she turned to me and said she was frustrated that when she accidentally dropped her hand weight I called the landlord right away to complain. I was shocked and just laid on the kill them with kindness act and explained that we were not worried about the noises until it started to wake us up on work nights. 

The meeting ended and it has been a couple days sense. I am happy to report that things here have been relatively quiet. Currently the noise does not bother me as much as knowing I have a crazy person living above me. What would you do in this situation? We will see how it goes and I will keep you posted... cross your fingers!!

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