Monday, September 17, 2012

One Year Ago Exactly

On this day one year ago I made a promise to a man in front of all my friends and family. Little did I know what life had planned for us. I sit here today revisiting those memories and feelings and I can't help but think how lucky I am. So many things have changed and so many emotions were felt this past year but I wouldn't change one single thing. Everyone's life changes when they enter into a marriage but we have taken change to an extreme. From the moment we said "I Do" things changed forever. We became much closer, truly feeling the lifetime bond we had made. I knew deep in my heart that this was the man for me. 

Fast forward to one year later. (Exactly!) I am now blogging about our first year of marriage while sitting in our new apartment in New York. We have a whole new life in every way. We've moved, rented a new apartment, gotten two new jobs, two new schools, and most importantly a new life plan. I can't say I expected this much change but I can say that this is the happiest I have ever been. I am excited to enter into our second year of marriage but learning from experience I defiantly cannot predict where we will be one year from now!!

During this past year there are two quotes/phrases that I have heard over and over:

"Happy Wife, Happy Life"
I was first told this on my Wedding day. Sense then I have heard this so many times I cannot count. In the beginning I didn't like this quote very much just because it sounded like I was in control of my Husbands happiness. (If I didn't get those new Gucci shoes he was not going to be a happy man!) <-- This is how this quote rang in my head. Over the last year I have really thought about it a lot and have found a new meaning in it. Women in general are very emotional and caring beings. In a marriage it takes two to make things work and this is also true for the quote above. When a wife is happy it is contagious so that makes the husband happier and in a brighter mood. On the other hand the only way a wife is happy is if the husband is happy as well. Women in general tend to express more feeling, while men happy or not may not show it as much. This is way after a year of marriage I can say that overall, I think the quote is true.

"The First Year of Marriage is the Hardiest"
If this is true then Joe and I are cruising down Easy Street. ;) I really think this quote does not pertain to Joe and I. We got all the hard stuff out of the way before our first year of marriage. We moved in together shortly after getting engaged and spent some time adjusting to living with each other. In reality no marriage or person is perfect and I know we have both ups and downs that lie ahead of us. But we have made a promise to each other that whatever happens we will deal with it together.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through the move. We could not have done it alone. Some of my fondest memories are the memories I made with my closest friends and family packing up our things while laughing (and crying) through the whole process. We miss everyone so much but I know in my heart that this is where we are supposed to be. We love you all and thank you for being a part of our fun, crazy, emotional, but most of all one of a kind journey.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to Christine and Joe. Now you understand what I meant by "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" It wasn't about the material things it was about your husband taking your feelings into consideration and compromising with you about your life decisions. I love you both. Have a great day!