Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo-A-Day June 4th

Now I know that yesterday I used one of my meals as my photo of the day but I had not choice but to do it again today. This is the close up of my dinner and boy was it amazing. As my last post shared Joe and I had gone grocery shopping yesterday and completed our first big shop sense we arrived here in New York. With this said Joe was a little taken back when I wanted to return to the store today to "pick up a few things." I decided I wanted to cook our first homemade meal and I wanted that to be chicken enchiladas. After we left the store I quickly went to work and with a little help from Joe (I just prefer not to prepare the chicken because he is such a pro) dinner was served. As I always do I was hoping my meal would be eatable but I had no idea how amazing this recipe would be. I just had to pat myself on the back after this one!

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