Saturday, June 9, 2012

My First Rough Day In New York

Most of you will probably think that this post is about my first real day of being homesick but today was worse then that. Joe was asking me about the rings I owned when I offered to show him them. I walked over to my jewelry box opened the top and realized something was wrong. I instantly knew what had happened and immediately broke down in tears. Joe ran over to see what was the matter and all I could get out was "they stole all my gold."

Looking back I know I should have never shipped my jewelry in my jewelry box (Who does that?) but at the time things were so hectic. We had taped up my free standing jewelry box with painters tape so that they drawers wouldn't open while on the moving truck. After we had left the moving company came to get my stuff and informed my mom that because of the heat in the truck the tape would ruin my jewelry box. They asked her to remove the tape and they would shrink wrap the entire thing. Because of where my rings were located in the box all of them could have been removed in a second. 

My heart is heavy, all the special rings I received over the years for special milestones are gone. Lucky I still have my class ring but everything else that was gold was taken. Looking back I should have known to remove them but it didn't even dawn on me at the time.

If anyone is planning on moving in your life please please please do not give Bekins your business. It's not the financial worth of the items it was what they meant to me and my family. I trust that this person that did this will have Karma coming to them in the near future but it doesn't make this any easier.


  1. :( im sorry friend. that is terrible

  2. That is awful news-I'm sorry :(