Monday, June 11, 2012

The Official Tour of Our Place

I know most of you have been waiting anxiously to see pictures of our place. Well, its official we have completely moved in and we could not be more at home. While viewing the pictures below please keep in mind we still have some decorating to do. We have been so busy that the extent of our decorating has been to hang pictures on the wall where the last tenant left nails. ;) There will be some adjusting of the pictures but for the most part we are moved in and settled.

Our Kitchen:
I love our kitchen because unlike our last place it's huge and has an open floor plan. I have already spent many hours preparing meals for Joe and I. I love our new kitchen so much I have grown to really love cooking!
 Another reason why I love our kitchen is because of the amount of storage. Look how professional our storage cupboard looks!
Our cute little breakfast nook.

Our Living Room:
Our living room is a little smaller then we are used to but I think that is why it feels so cozy.
If I have not mentioned before my favorite feature of our place is by far the built in bookcase. We are not completely done filling it but its a nice start.

Our Bathroom:
Joe and I bought this shower curtain before we received any of our stuff. It was the most "normal" shower curtain I could find but I was delighted to find that it matched our towels to a "T."
Please notice the adorable "spice rack" my mom sent yesterday, I just couldn't help but put it up right away! The only downside is that it looks like I am going to need a second rack because I still have some bottles that are stored elsewhere... but I see some free space on the wall! ;)

Our Bedroom:
Our bedroom is not very stylish yet but that is going to be our next project.
It's not really anything special but it's special to us.

Our Closet Space:
Unfortunately, this is our only closet in our bedroom but...
The owner transformed this walk-in pantry to a walk-in closet! (Please excuse the few bins and things we have yet to find a place for) The owner also installed a huge storage cabinet in the kitchen to make up for losing this as kitchen space. It is kind of odd to have our clothes off the kitchen but because our place is so small (cozy) it has not made much difference. 

Well, that's it I hope you enjoyed your tour. :)

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