Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally - Today Has Come!

Our things have arrived!!!
Now I have never spoken with anyone who has made a cross country move but hiring a moving company was not a pleasant experience. We went through all kinds of issues with Bekins along the way. We were told our things would ship out on Wednesday when in reality they shipped out on Saturday. This caused us to wait at least five extra days. My first moment of panic while unpacking was when I could not locate half of our very amazing cookware that we received for our wedding. My heart rose back into my chest when Joe yelled from the other room that he found them. I thought that would be the end of it but I was wrong. Things were broken (4 plates, 3 glasses, a picture frame, etc.) and to top if off we realized about three hours after starting to unpack they still had at least two of our boxes on the truck. (and of course it had to be my baking stuff) All in all we are very happy to have (almost) all of our stuff here and it was fun to unpack wedding gifts we have forgotten all about!
As you can see some of the boxes have been just a little abused.
We are enjoying the unpacking process a lot and we have only about five boxes to go before we are settled and able to start decorating. Here are some of the surprises we encountered along the way:
Found this inside one of the boxes - Opps! Sorry mom!
This was written on the outside of a box - So glad I was able to see you before I left Laura!

I will post more pictures once we finish moving in and decorate. This apartment feels so much like home I can't explain!

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