Friday, January 30, 2015

Nail Polish Organization

It's no secret that I have a nail polish addiction but it's about time that I got things organized and got a good look at what I have. This process was not necessarily to get rid of a lot but to make sure I have no duplicate colors and that none of it has gone bad.

The begining....

The below are the nail polishes I am getting rid of. As you can see some of the colors have gone bad and now look ombre in the bottle. Those nail polishes I will be throwing out but the others were just duplicates that I will be passing along.

Now for the fun part! My collection has grown lately because I was gifted over twenty bottles for Christmas. To accommodate all the polishes I got a little creative with some of my empty candle jars.

In the future after I use a nail polish if I notice I don't like the color or it's not my favorite formula it will be getting passed on right away. With this amount of nail polishes there is no point in keeping the colors I don't love.

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