Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014 in California

This year Joe and I were able to spend eleven long days on the west coast to catch up with our family and friends. As vacations normally do, this vacation had it's stress and drama but over all we had a great time.

This was our third year traveling to California for Christmas and each time it turns out a little different. The first trip (Christmas 2012) was our first trip back home after our big move and we were so excited to spend time with all our friends that we moved away from. With a short five day trip time got away from us and we spent little time with our family and got caught up in seeing all our friends. Our second Christmas home (2013) we focused on family more but still some parts of our extended family got neglected. This year we vowed to make it a trip for family (with some friend time mixed in). Booking such a long visit home I thought we would be able to spend quality time with everyone we missed so much.

Over the eleven days we spent on the west coast we spent a ton of time with family. For me it was the best trip because not only did I get to see most of my closest friends, I spent countless hours laughing, drinking, and just plain hanging out with our families. It got to the point that it felt that we still lived in California. The Holidays can feel so scripted with all the houses you have to visit, all the presents you have to open, and all the meals you have to eat. This all usually ends with someone feeling like they barely saw you or that your visit was too short. Unfortunately, this is inevitable but Joe and I try to do our best with the time we have.

Joe and I were able to get out of town twice to go to my Dad's house as well as my Aunt's just to sit on the couch and visit like the old days. I cannot tell you how much I needed this. It is no secret that I am a Daddy's girl and just as close with my mom. I am very blessed to have these relationships with my parents but it also makes it extremely difficult to live 2,975 miles away from them (yes, I mapped it). I know my parents would prefer us to live local but this is where we need to be for the time being. Joe and I have come so far from where we were when we lived in CA but there is not one day that I don't miss home for one reason or another. We want you all you know how much we love and miss you on a daily basis. We may not call enough, e-mail enough, text enough, or see you enough but the love is there.

After all that mushy stuff, lets get to the good stuff... pictures!

Christmas Day


Auntie's Birthday

San Jose Sharks Hockey Game

New Years 2015

There have been countless rumors about who is going to visit us in New York this year and Joe and I cannot wait. We love when people make the trip because we are able to spend days visiting versus minutes or hours when we are back home.

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season!

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  1. So good seeing you both!! I totally agree with what you wrote MUAH!!!