Monday, January 19, 2015

Bookshelf Organization

Waking around my house wondering where to start with my simplicity project I walked into our living room and was mortified when I spotted the bookshelf. It seems that in our recent past Joe and I have been placing spare items onto the bookshelf as a pit-stop until that item got put away where it really belonged.

I have always been an extremely organized person but when you share your household with someone that is less organized it can be easier to let things go. My desk at work is always organized and looks the same way each and every day I leave. Unlike my house I am able to keep everything in its place at work because I am the only one who uses that space. 

Choosing the bookshelf as my jumping off point the first step was to go through our paperwork and file it away for safekeeping. Then I moved onto the other objects that belonged in the cupboards a mere foot below where it was currently sitting. When it came to the overflow of books that did not fit into our bookshelf I knew I need to purge some. I pulled up my GoodReads account and decided that any book I have read and rated two stars or less would have to go. It was a quick, fun project that left me feeling accomplished and ready for more.

In the end I donated eighteen books that have been read but have not really been loved.

It's funny how a small five minute project can make you feel like you can breathe better. I actually went on to tackle another organization project the same day... stay tuned...

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  1. Man, de-cluttering is quite simply the best!!