Friday, October 24, 2014

Follow Up on Canceled Delta Flight

As you read in my previous post, last weekend we had a less than satisfying experience flying delta airlines. Delta has been my favorite airline for many years. They are not only an airline that flies everywhere we like to go but they are an airline that is no-nonsense. If you attempt to board a flight with a 75 pound "carry-on" they will stop you the moment you step on-board and quickly remove it to be checked. I like that they don't let their customers walk all over them because we all know how some air travel can be if you get the wrong people on board.

After the flight had been canceled there was much talk around us about how these customers will never be flying Delta again. I was not ready to write Delta off that quickly. During the process of dealing with the canceled flight we lost money on our hotel and rental car because we did not fly in until the next day. My mother contacted Delta about being reimbursed for these expenses because it was Delta's doing. Unfortunately, we were told they would be unable to reimburse us but would like to award 9,000 miles to everyone in our party. That evening we received another e-mail further apologizing for the inconvenience and awarded us an additional 2,500 miles.

In the end we received 11,500 miles each for a flight that cost me a tad over $150. If I were to use these miles on my next purchase it would equal $115 but luckly for Joe and I with this reward we now qualify for a FREE round trip flight. Things happen but for the time being Delta will remain my airline!


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