Monday, October 20, 2014

10th Visitor of 2014 & a Weekend Trip to Niagara Falls

This trip started out like any other, little did we know this trip was going to get a little stressful and a little wacky. Arriving at the gate on Friday night at our designated boarding time I knew something was fishy when a completely different flight was boarding. With our flight status still stating “on time” we just waited. Moments later with no announcement the board changed from “on time” to “one hour delay.” Moments after that is when we hear this announcement: “We apologize but flight #**** to Buffalo has been canceled, please see the help desk for rebooking options.” Without thinking I ran towards the help desk knowing if I was not somewhere near the front of the line we had no chance. The manager on duty announced that we have all been rebooked on the 6:45am flight Saturday morning. Delta would cover a hotel for the night and transportation to and from the hotel. Joe, my mother, and I decided to take the hotel and even though we would only get one night in Canada to make the best of it. We arrived at our hotel in Queens around 11:30pm, cracked a beer to unwind from the craziness and then and went straight to bed knowing we had to be up bright and early the next morning for our flight.

Fast forward to the next morning, we are all sitting patiently at the airport waiting to board our 6:45am flight when we hear this announcement: “We apologize but the flight crew was told a takeoff time of 7:40am so we currently have no crew for a 6:45am departure.” Once on board our now 7:40am flight we are asked to check our boarding passes to make sure we are all going to buffalo, a little strange but ok. Twenty minutes later we are all asked to take out our boarding passes to be shown to the flight attendants. After another fifteen minutes some customers are demanding answers and so yet again we receive another announcement: “Our current count is off and we need everyone to double check they are on the correct flight or we will be unable to takeoff.” An additional fifteen minutes later a women gets up from her seat and tells the attendant she thinks she is supposed to be on the next flight.They remove her from the flight and start to finally prepare for takeoff.

Thirteen hours after we should have been arriving at our hotel we finally made it. We quickly dropped our bags in our rooms and went exploring.

That night after a short nap we were back at it enjoying a nice dinner and some fun in downtown Niagara Falls.

All in all it was a great trip and we would love to go back sometime when we have more time to really tour more of Canada.

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  1. was worth all the craziness to be able to spend time with you and joe!!!❤️✈️����