Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stitch Fix Review March 2014

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix you can read my first review HERE

Okay, my original "fix" was scheduled to be deliverer last week but was lost during shipment or on the way to FedEx.. (No one seems to know.) I contacted Stitch Fix and my new "fix" was scheduled for March 20th - got it early! 

Before all this shipping drama I received an e-mail from Stitch Fix regarding my blog review. They reached out to me to thank me for being a customer and expressing my love for the company. They also advised me that I might want to look at my style profile to adjust some answers so they can understand my style a little more. (This was because they noticed I had not kept any tops yet.) I was amazed that they took the time to link my blog review to my account and send me an e-mail.

As I was going over my style profile I realized that I had answered all the questions about what I currently have in my closet NOT what I would like to try. So I made some major adjustments and waited patiently for my next fix. 

 This time around the prices where a little high and I was disappointed that at least one item was not in the $30-$40 range.

Luv AJ - Kristina Tri-Spike Charm Necklace $68.00
This necklace was not anything special to me and the $68 price tag just about gave me a heart-attack. 

 Kut From The Kloth - Ina Distressed Boyfriend Jean - $88.00
Collective Concepts - Cathleen Dot Print Lace Detailed Blouse - $68.00
I really love the fit of these jeans and the fact that they are so versatile. I returned the shirt because it is just a little busy for my taste and is a little expensive. For the jeans I am still undecided.

41Hawthorn - Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse - $58.00
The shirt was cute and I loved the fabric and color but the fit left a lot to be desired. (Looks like I am trying to hide something.)

Pomelo - Fiona Embroidery Detail Striped Maxi Dress - $78.00
In my style profile I requested a ton of color and this maxi dress just doesn't have it. BUT this dress does offer a great lace detail at the top. (please excuse the black bra straps.) It is very cute and I do love it but I am still undecided.
What do you think I should keep?

If your interested in trying out Stitch Fix: CLICK HERE


  1. keep the jeans...they're darling!!!

  2. I love the maxi dress!!! (I am a sucker for maxi dresses however...) You can always add some more color with accessories or a colorful belt.