Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paleo Update

For this past week Joe and I have been really sticking to the Paleo lifestyle. I am shocked to be writing this but I have lost EIGHT pounds in the last seven days. My body has really taken to this new way of eating and is thriving. I was told I was borderline B12 deficient by my doctor and have been on daily vitamins ever sense in order to regulate my energy levels. On day three of Paleo I was off my daily vitamins and feeling better than ever! 

Today for an afternoon snack I decided to cheat and enjoy my favorite snack:

I enjoyed my treat but I can say that I felt a major difference after eating this. 

Joe and I are making an effort to follow the lifestyle but we also like the "80/20 Philosophy." (Follow Paleo 80% of the time and cut yourself some slack 20% of the time.)

I have requested 20+ Paleo recipe books from our library and are acquiring some great recipes. I will continue to share my new recipes and more updates.

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