Wednesday, March 5, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days: #58 - Go to the Gym 100 Times

So I guess you can say I've gotten off to a slow start, but it's a start!;) Every year I boycott the gym for the entire month of January to avoid the craziness the new year brings. By February I can usually count on those resolution-gym-goers to have cleared out. So this year I was ready to jump back on the horse February 1st..... or 6th? With the CRAZY weather here I found it difficult to lug my gym bag three avenues to the gym in snowy icy conditions. Lets face it the two block walk to the train station was much more appealing. I plan on picking up the pace to at least two gym days per week in the month of March. Six trips down and ninety four to go!

#58 - Go to the gym 100 times
6% Complete

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