Monday, March 3, 2014

2nd Visitor of 2014 Was...

...My Mommy!

Months before my mother was scheduled to arrive she told me over and over she wanted to see snow while visiting from the West Coast. The result was one of the craziest winters many people have seen in a long time.

What my mommy wants, my mommy gets!

We did many things during her week long visit: all you can eat sushi, margarita night, shopping in NYC, baking, board games, and puzzle conquering. Throughout the week mom got to experience some insane weather. We had snow, rain, frozen rain, and ice, ice, ice. The temperature during her visit varied from mid twenties to almost sixty degree. All in all she got her share of New York weather. During one of the few snow and rain free days we were able to have a girls day wondering around NYC.

As always the week went to fast and we can't wait to have her visit AGAIN soon!

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