Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recipe Edition: AKA Recipe Fail!

Finally, I have stopped searching for recipes on the internet and I have cracked open one of my cookbooks. This is the cookbook I choose to break in: (for obvious reasons) ;)

Still on the breakfast kick I once again wanted to make something to grab-and-go for the morning so I choose this recipe:

Don't they look delish??
I followed the recipe step by step and this was the final product:

Not too shabby... or so I thought. They smelled amazing so Joe and I each took a bite. To our surprise these muffins were bland and somewhat dry, overall not good! I know what your thinking and no I am not going to let this one recipe reflect the entire cookbook. I am willing to give another recipe a try because who knows I could have done something wrong. Better luck next time!

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