Friday, August 3, 2012

eBay Success Story

For a couple years now I have been selling odds and ends on eBay and really began to love using it as my online garage-sale. During our move I discovered these beauties:

Yes, I know these are a little crazy looking but there is a story behind them. I bought them while on vacation in Seattle. I walked into Bebe and found this pair in my size on the clearance rack. I had seen these in the Bebe catalog and secretly loved them even though they are not really my style. I asked the rep how much they were and I was told that they had found these in the back room that morning with no box and no price, but if I gave her a few minutes she would come up with a price. She came back and said I could have them for $50. I told her to wrap them up and hoped that she would complete the transaction before she realized that she was selling me $250 boots for $50. When I returned from my vacation in Seattle I was dying to try them out. As I was trying to slip my right foot into the boot I was horrified to realize that because of my high arches and there being no zipper on the boots there was no way I was going to get my foot into this boot. I tried a couple other times and even had a friend of mine struggle and fail to get them on herself. Reluctantly, I kept these in my closet for years. 

I was finally ready to part with them when I unpacked them in New York. I decided to sell them on eBay because it made me feel better if I at least got my money back. To my surprise these were in high demand and I ended up selling them for a whopping $150.00!!

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  1. ooh VERY cool! That is so great that you were able to triple your money!