Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Talk Weather

One of the biggest adjustments I had to make living here on the east coast has to be the weather. Most of the non-east coasters think this is the land of humidity and sweaty exhausted people. On any given day this can be true but we are certainly not the Caribbean. Yes, august is a month some people dread but the rest of the year I really can’t complain.

My first summer living in New York it was HUMID! Humid to the point that I gave up blow drying my hair all together. Last summer on the other hand surprised both Joe and I because we can barely remember a day when it was uncomfortably humid. (I’m thinking we just had a good year.) Even while in Aruba last September we experienced minimal humidity and that was a major bonus! Our great summer we had last year lead into a winter for the books. We received countless snow storms and had over two feet of snow in our backyard at any given time. (Secretly I loved it because the novelty of snow has not worn off yet.) Now entering my third summer in New York I am hoping to have an enjoyable summer forecast similar to last year. So far, the past two months have been staying around eighty degrees with minimal humidity. Some days feels as if we are entering some very humid times but then the rain comes and washes it all away. We have even had to bundle up at BBQs as the temperature is currently mirroring the west coast and cooling down significantly at night. So far so good, let’s hope this is the new trend of the east coast!

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