Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up (7/25-7/27)

I cannot say for sure if I will be sharing a Weekend Wrap-Up after every weekend but lately we have been having so much fun. This weekend we were invited to a Wedding for one of Joe's fraternity brothers. We had such an amazing time dancing and catching up with old friends. Personally, I love weddings it gives everyone an excuse to take the time to dress up and step out of their everyday routine to celebrate the newly married couple while at the same time have an amazing night out with your best friends/family.

We knew Saturday night at the wedding was going to be an eventful evening so Friday night we kept it simple and BBQ'ed with the neighbors. I made two new Paleo recipes that are perfect for BBQs and I will be sharing this week so stay tuned!

Sunday we spent most of our day cleaning and organizing the house. Two sets of neighbors and the landlord are planing a gargle sale (or Tag Sale as they say in NY) at the end of summer. Currently, I spend any free moment organizing and finding stuff to sell or donate. To me a clean and organized house can do wonders for mental health and everyday attitude. On Saturday afternoon Joe and I went to a friends house to get ready and relax before the wedding reception. I started talking about how their apartment was always neat and tidy and how I would love to be more organized. She then quickly took me around their apartment to show me all her organization secrets and tricks. I was instantly inspired and might be sharing some before and after organization pictures while I get my house into shape. (That is if I am not too ashamed to share the before pictures!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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