Monday, December 9, 2013

My Husband is 30!

Today is the day that my Husband begins life in his 30's! Although I am not far behind it's kind of hard to believe. This past week every time I checked the mail there was something new for the 30 year old. He is very grateful for all the love that was sent his way this past week. One day last week I arrived home after work excited to see a package on our doorstep. The package was from my mother and because she regularly sends care packages I was eager to rip into it. A moment later I noticed that the package was addressed ONLY to Joe, so I had to hand it over. (darn!) He opened his package and found the following:
I couldn't help but laugh because I had told my mother during one of her visits how much Joe liked Fluff but just the thought of having it in my cupboard made me ill. My mom also mentioned to Joe and he does not have to share any of his pistachios with me. (How rude!) =D Today on Joe's official Birthday he has work and then has to take a final at school. Not really a fun filled Birthday but it's what being an adult is all about! If you are wondering I still have not had one of Joe's pistachios!!

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