Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recipe Edition: Cappuccino Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies

I mentioned in a past post that I am determined to use my cookbooks and try out new recipes. I am not sure this counts because I was not so much cooking but baking. I wanted to share anyway just to show progress in my goal to use my cookbooks. :) I purchased Wilton Cookie Exchange book last Christmas against my Mothers and Husbands wishes. Last Christmas season was the time that I was really getting into baking so I "knew" I would use this cookbook. Sadly I just used this cookbook for the first time... but hey I'm getting there. So here it is the first recipe I used from this book "Cappuccino Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies."

Interestingly enough this recipe did not make as many cookies as past batches... which leads me to believe that they are even worse for you because I used the same amount of butter. The cookies taste very similar to just a plain chocolate chip cookie but there is a little something extra that make them delicious. Now I just need to find someone to eat them... ;)

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