Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Change of Style

As most of you know I started my new job last week. I can not explain how hard the adjustment was to go from working 0 hours a week to working 72 hours a week. On the other hand it feels amazing to be working again and be back into a routine. Being unemployed for those few months were nice but I crave the routine of having a job.

The dress code at my last job was very relaxed. (t-shirts and sneakers) Coming into the interview I learned that this job required a business casual wardrobe. (This I no longer have) I was able to purchase a few things that my 72 hour a week paycheck allowed. Here are a couple of outfits from my first week of work:

I am very fortunate that business casual in this office includes dark colored jeans. (I had no idea this would be allowed) This allowed me to shop throughout the week and not pick up the first business slacks I found. Adding to my current wardrobe was of course enjoyable for me. (I never say no to shopping) I have also entered the fabulous world of ballet flats. (Which I used to hate... for no reason)

Are you as addicted to clothes and shoes as I am? For the past year and a half or so, I have not had the pleasure of really shopping for myself. Between savings for a house and then having that turn into saving for the move Joe and I were really wearing the heck out of the clothes we had. Even though I just purchased work clothes its nice to have a few new items to wear and mix into my current wardrobe.

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