Saturday, July 28, 2012


Living in New York has been absolutely amazing but the weather has taken some getting used to. Surprisingly I am not talking about the humidity... I am talking about the rain. It rains here about once a week at least but it does not last long and its actually kind of nice because it keeps everything green. 

Last weekend we got caught in the biggest storm yet which lasted an entire two hours. (That is a long time for a storm to last in New York) We were driving home from the mall when it start to rain (and I mean RAIN) out of nowhere. We had to pull off the parkway because it was actually to hard to see and continue to drive 50+. Streets in small towns around where we live tend to flood sometimes because the amount of rain that falls in such a short period of time. As we pulled off the parkway I saw that one of the streets was partially flooded and me being me told Joe to go faster. (Puddles are fun in my truck) As we got closer to the puddle I realized that it was not just a puddle and that the cars that were parked on the side of the road had water up to the center of their bumper... O well. We plowed through the water which splashed well over the height of the truck. There were two police officers waiting to close off the flooded street that really got a kick out of us. We really turned some heads that day!

Here is just a clip of the rain... I didn't think to video tape the puddle until it was too late. :(

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