Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trunk Club Review: May 2016

Can you tell that I am loving this service?! For an explanation of Trunk Club and to see my previous trunks you can click the links below:

Lets start off with the things I will not be providing photos of:
All items above were returned as they are not really my style nor did they fit very well.

These high waisted shorts I was torn about because they are on trend and fit amazing. I ultimately chose to return them, I am really not sure how incorporate them in my everyday wear to make them worth the price. The tank was returned as well, I just didn't love it or need it.

Comfortable but way too big - Returned

Super cute but the fabric was a little stiff for my taste - Returned

I was really hoping this world work, it would have been perfect for a nice dinner while on vacation. Not to mention it was on sale from $158 to $59. Sadly, the dress was too large. - Returned

Again, I wish I was attending a million weddings this year. How stunning is the back if this dress? I love the detail on the back where the fabric parts and exposes a thick gold zipper. - Returned 

WOW... I would have never looked twice at this dress in the store but I love that it is so different and stunning! (Also, on sale for $70) - Unsure

Decisions, decisions, this little number would look fabulous for a dinner on the beach! The fate of this beauty will result on the previous dress, and my pocketbook of course! - Unsure

Finally, the shoes!! Although I love the tan pair and the simplicity of them, I have far, FAR too many shoes - Returned

So I will say it again, if you haven't tried Trunk Club you need to ASAP:

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